Here are some questions and answers about Philadelphia Private Gym™. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Call us at 215-245-0802 to set up an appointment for a free evaluation.
At the evaluation we will set up your workout schedule.

Q: How long is the evaluation?
A: An evaluation takes approximately.

Q: Can I just drop in to ask some questions and see the gym?
A: This is a private gym. You must first make an appointment. When you come in, you will be speaking directly to us. We want to be able to give you our full attention. We would not be able to do that if we were with a client when you dropped by. That would not be fair to them, or to you.

Q: Do you have changing rooms and showers?
A: Yes. We have a women’s and a men’s changing room, each with a private shower. Lockers can also be rented.

Q: How many times a week should I work out?
A: On average our clients work out 3 times a week, but we will work with you to develop the workout program that meets your individual needs and best fits your personal schedule.

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?
A: You will feel better about yourself and your body after just the first session. As to seeing physical results, each person’s body responds to working out differently but if — in addition to your regular workouts — you eat properly and sleep well, you should see results in 2 to 3 months.

Q: I’m a golfer hoping to improve my game. My wife wants to look better in a bathing suit. Do you have any special programs that can help us?
A: Yes, every client’s program is designed specifically for him or her. During your evaluation the particular results that you want to achieve are discussed and your workout is then designed to meet your individual needs.

Q: Can my wife and I work out together?
A: No. We have a strict “one trainer to one client” ratio.

Q: At other gyms that I have been to, sometimes two or three people work with a trainer at the same time. Why don’t you do that here?
A: Since each client’s needs are different, we believe that to get the maximum workout per session the trainer needs to devote their full attention to the client — without any distractions. By keeping to our “one trainer to one client” ratio, this has given us amazing results with our clients. Please read reviews on Google, Facebook etc…

Q: So, I get the whole gym to myself?
A: The most people you will ever see on the gym floor is yourself and your trainer plus one other client and their trainer. Therefore, it’s called a private gym.

Q: My work keeps me stressed out with limited time to myself. Also, I tend to be a very private person. Would Philadelphia Private Gym work for me?
A: Our mission is to help you focus on yourself in order to achieve your personal workout goals. We strive to make all our clients comfortable and to feel at home. We are purposely located below street level and have no windows, which keeps outside distractions to a minimum. Once you come into the private gym, we want you to leave your worries outside.

Q: Can you come to my house and help me workout?
A: Yes, he already provides that service for many of his current clients.

Q: What if I do not have gym equipment at my house? Can you me setup a personal gym at my house or at my workplace?
A: Yes, we helped many of his client’s setup their own gym at home or at work.

Q: What are your fees?
A: The evaluation is FREE. We have a one-time initiation fee of $100.

The cost for a single personal training session is $75.

We also offer discounts of 10 for $700, 20 for $1,300 and 30 for $1,800 session packages.

We also have a Special Trial Deal price of $540 for 4 weeks or 12 sessions. That brings the cost down to $45 a session. This is a great way for new clients to try us out at a lower cost before having to get a package to continue.

Q: How long is a personal training session:
A: A session is an hour long, this includes your warmup in our cardio theater, light stretch and then your 30-minute workout with your trainer that is one on one and after your trainer will stretch you out.

Q: So, the time I am doing my workout with the trainer is 30 minutes not an hour?
A: Yes, we started all this with an hour-long evaluation to find out all about you. From that we can figure out the best way to train you in 30 minutes one on one in a private gym.

Q: Am I required to sign a contract?
A: No. We have no contracts or hidden agreements. We have always believed in ourselves and what we do. If you like us, you will continue, it is that simple.

Q: Are there any other services you offer?
A: Yes, we have a Licensed Massage Therapist who works with us by appointment.

We have a special 16 x 8-foot room set up just for this so clients can enjoy this service if they like.