Finally, A Trainer Who Listens To My Needs!

Finding a trainer who listens to and takes seriously the fitness goals of a woman in her late 50s is no easy task. After working out with young trainers at a large gym, I knew that I had to start my search for a trainer elsewhere.

Happily, I found Marian at Philadelphia Private Gym several years ago. Marian listened to my goals and developed a plan that help me to improve my fitness and increase my strength. Since working out with Marian, I have taken up a new sport and now row 2 or 3 times each week on the Schuylkill River before work. Through Marian’s individualized workout, I have developed the strength and stamina to compete with athletes many years my junior, including my granddaughter who rows for her college crew team. I am so fortunate to have the ability to engage in these activities and cannot imagine being able to do so without Marian’s guidance and encouragement.

~ Eleanor Flannery