Thanks, Marian!

I have joined numerous gyms over the years — paid those yearly membership rates, said that this time would be different — and once again, I basically threw my money away. Then about 5 years ago, I saw a flyer on my windshield at the train station and thought “Ok, I’m going to check this out and try it for a month and maybe that will get me motivated.” Well, not only did it motivate me — here I am 5 years later and I can’t bring myself to stop. I absolutely love the one-on-one personal training. It’s just Marian (my personal trainer) and me — she knows my body, she knows my limitations, and she pushes me a little further each time. She constantly reminds me about eating right and keeps me on the right path. I actually look forward to my sessions and I love seeing the results that I have gotten over the last 5 years. I feel stronger, my body is leaner, I have muscles I never knew I had and I have so much more confidence. Honestly, if you are looking for professional people who understand the human body and have the training, knowledge and experience to help you to achieve your goals and get you in shape, then look no further. You may think having a personal trainer is expensive (like I did) but when it all comes down to it – it’s a small price to pay for looking and feeling great – I’m worth it – and so are you!

Thanks Marian!!!!

~ Pat Lorenz