1 Trainer with 1 Client in a Full-Scale Private Gym

Serving YOU for 20 Years!

1-on-1 Training Is What We Do!

Located conveniently outside of Northeast Philadelphia in Bensalem (Bucks County) PA, Philadelphia Private Gym is a 4,000 sq. ft full-scale facility exclusively offering One-on-One Personal Training Sessions by Appointment Only. It's just YOU and YOUR TRAINER focused on YOUR GOALS! We cater exclusively to people who want privacy and real results. We start all this by doing a thorough evaluation on each potential client.


4,000 sq. ft. of fitness, strength and conditioning equipment geared to your personal comfort and convenience!

We Can Come To You!

One-on-One On-Site Training for Companies and Individuals!

Our Facilities

Everything at Philadelphia Private Gym is geared to your comfort and convenience.


Personal lockers and space for your personal items.

Your Safety & Security

You... and only you... are in the gym. You can feel safe and secure during your entire workout.

Showers & Changing Rooms

Open space for your privacy and comfort before and after your workout.

Weight Equipment

Trusted and industry-proven equipment from major manufacturers. Maintained for your peak perforemance.

Private Massage Room

Our newly renovated massage room is designed just for your comfort to receive a post-workout massage session, or available for booking at hours available with our licensed massage therapist.

Choose YOUR Package

In every one of our effective packages you'll receive: cardio theater warm-up, guided pre-workout stretching, 1-on-1 with your trainer, and post-workout assisted stretching. A one-time $100 initiation fee is required to begin any package or special.




4 weeks OR 12 sessions. Cannot Rollover to the following month. Cannot be placed on hold.




30 Sessions




20 Sessions




10 Sessions

We're Here For Your Success!

Marian (left) and Pondeli are committed to helping each of their clients achieve their personal goals.